Academic Standing

The following provisions apply to all undergraduates. Graduate and professional students with scholarship deficiencies are subject to action at the discretion of their respective deans.

The University of California Academic Senate Scholarship Regulations (UCSR 900) govern the scholastic status, also known as Academic Standing, for undergraduate students. The UC Davis Division Academic Senate Regulation A552 specifies the minimum standards of progress requirement, and Regulation A540(C) specifies the use of the grade Incomplete in the determination of an undergraduate student's scholastic status.

Undergraduate students are in good standing by:

  • Obtaining a GPA of 2.000 or above for each term
  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.000 or above
  • Maintaining a degree progress average of at least 12 units passed per quarter over all quarters of enrollment
  • Accumulating no more than 16 course units graded as Incomplete.

Probation & Disqualification

An undergraduate student will be placed on academic probation if, at the end of any quarter,

  • Their GPA is less than 2.000, but not less than 1.500, for the quarter
  • Their GPA is less than 2.000 for all UC courses taken, cumulative GPA
  • Their degree progress average is less than 12 units.

An undergraduate student will be subject to academic disqualification if, at the end of any quarter,

  • Their grade point average is less than 1.500 for the quarter
  • They have spent two consecutive quarters on academic probation without achieving a cumulative GPA of 2.000
  • They have been on academic probation due to inadequate degree progress for three consecutive quarters, and their degree progress average remains below 12 at the end of the third quarter of probation.

Any undergraduate student who accumulates more than 16 units of Incomplete for which final grades have not been assigned shall be subject to academic probation or disqualification.

Students should contact the dean’s office of their college if they need academic advising regarding academic standing, probation or dismissal.

In the case of academic probation or subject to disqualification, the official transcript will state that the student is not in good academic standing. Once a student has met the standards of scholarship, or has satisfied all requirements for graduation, the notation will be removed from the transcript.

Part-Time Status. Quarters during a period for which a student was officially approved for Part-Time Status are omitted from the degree progress calculation.

Minimum Progress Waiver. Students with a documented disability may be eligible for a minimum progress waiver. Students apply for such a waiver through the Student Disability Center. Approval of the waiver omits the specified term(s) from the degree progress calculation.