MyUCDavis Viewer Access

The Online Student Services portal features Viewer tool which provides authorized staff and faculty the student view of MyUCDavis. With this tool, users are able to assist students interacting with the portal. Users with access to the tool are able to view student registration, student records and other portal features requiring authentication for access.  Using the Viewer tool allows a greater level of customer service when supporting student requests regarding online systems. The tool is for viewing only and users cannot save registration changes to a student’s record.

Viewer Tool Access

Access is strictly protected and only granted to staff who work in an office related to the campus central registration processes (details below), or academic and faculty advisors who assist students with registration. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the University Registrar.

Staff in the following UC Davis offices qualify for viewer tool access:

  • Cashier’s Office
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Graduate Studies
  • Office of the University Registrar
  • Professional school administrative offices
  • Services for International Students and Scholars
  • Student Accounting
  • Student Affairs Office of Technology

Viewer Tool Access Requirements

To be eligible for access to the Viewer tool, applicants must fulfill the following requirements :

  • Privacy Training. Complete the training course FERPA-Student Privacy, Confidentiality, and Data Security. Available through the UC Learning Center (search for "FERPA"). Completion of Banner training also fulfills this requirement.
  • Confidentiality Agreement. Sign (or digitally sign by clicking "I Accept") the Agreement to Preserve Privacy, Confidentiality, and Data Security. This agreement is included in the privacy training course (above) and so completion of the course also fulfills this requirement.
  • Training. Complete the training course Schedule Builder - Impersonator Training. Available through the UC Learning Center.

Apply for Viewer Tool Access

  1. Go to the SIS Tools & Services and authenticate using your CAS ("Kerberos") login ID & passphrase.
  2. Select Request Access, and then Request Access Privileges.
  3. Select myucdavis Viewer.
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and select Begin Application. Enter your:
    • Personal & department information.
    • Supervisor or Department Chairperson's name.
    • Reason for requesting access.
  5. Submit to complete the application.
  6. You will be contacted after your application has been reviewed.